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Hey there!

I was recently in Romania and brought my dad's old audio equipment to Germany and am now looking for manuals / specifications and some accessories. I hope someone can help:

Cassette deck: Akai CS-M02 (manual / specs needed)
CD player: Philips CD100 (manual / specs needed)
Turntable: JVC L-A21 with Unitra Fonica Mf-104 cartridge (manual / specs needed)
Amplifier: Marantz PM310 (manual / specs and power cord needed)

For the amplifier, I have the following information, but I don't know if they are accurate:

Code: [Select]
Power output rating per channel
4 Ω DIN: 33 W
4 Ω RMS: 30 W
8 Ω DIN: 28 W
8 Ω RMS: 25 W

Total harmonic distortion at RMS 8 Ω: 0.3 %
Intermodulation distortion: 0.3 %
Damping factor 8 Ω (1 kHz): 50

M.M. cartridge input
Frequency response (RIAA): ▒ 1 dB
S/N ratio: 74 dB
Input impedance: 47 kΩ
Input capacity: 250 pf
Input sensitivity: 2.8 mV
Equivalent noise at input: 0.5 ÁV
Dynamic range: 93 dB

Aux input
Frequency response: 15 - 50 Hz - kHz
S/N ratio: 96 dB
Input impedance: 25 kΩ
Input sensitivity: 150 mV

Output voltage
Tape out: 415 mV

Output impedance
Tape out: 220 Ω

Subsonic filter: 20 Hz - 6dB / oct