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start questions/feedback
« on: 6 Oct '06 - 21:20 »
I like xmplay so far because it doesn't have any setup = simple&good, and it seems to use a bit less resources than winamp. Perhaps it plays some module files in a better way than winamp /w plugins too, considering it's history? not sure about that though.


1. When I open a file, the xmplay window opens.. but I'd like it to stay at tray in those moments too. Any way to set so?

2. When I use winamp, I can doubleclick the scrolling filename to view the sample list in files that have samples. There are some random stories sometimes. I'd like to read them as easily. Any way to do that in xmplay?

3. Is there a skin that is lighter than the default skin (as resource usage) and that is simpler (the default skin is a bit confusing + ugly imo)? (seeking for the lightest/simplest)


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Re: start questions/feedback
« Reply #1 on: 6 Oct '06 - 22:07 »
2. Press F3. Or open the info window and click Samples. Some files (.it in particular) also have a special Message section, viewable by clicking Message or pressing F2.

3. Pick one.


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Re: start questions/feedback
« Reply #2 on: 6 Oct '06 - 23:05 »
1. Add "-tray" to your XMPlay shortcut command. Like so, for example:
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"C:\Program Files\XMPlay\xmplay.exe" -tray