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Compression and MP3 players
« on: 24 Nov '06 - 20:10 »
I've been thinking about how I compress music for my MP3 player, and thought you guys might have some ideas about this.

Currently I use 25% quality WMA (latest version), at 44.1kHz stereo. I used to use 64kbps vbr WMA, but decided that was too low - 25% quality generally throws out about 90kbps.

I have thought about using MP3 for it instead of WMA, but I have no idea what's good at encoding low bitrate. OGG, ACC and the like are out of the question as my player doesn't support them (and no, I'm not buying a new one).

The sources are generally either 44.1kHz q6 OGG or modules, and it'll generally be used in comparatively noisy environments with earphones (Seinheiser MX350).

Anyway, suggestions? Recommended codec/program/settings? I'm reasonably happy with what I've got, but you can never fit enough music on these things and something to eke out another hour or so would be nice.


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Re: Compression and MP3 players
« Reply #1 on: 26 Nov '06 - 08:44 »
If you want to achieve the same sound quality with MP3 as with WMA, the bitrate will be a lot higher. 90 kbps WMA isn't that bad if you just want to listen to it and don't make cd's out of it :). If you want more quality, you could try two-pass vbr, but it won't add that much ;).
I prefer to use dBPowerAmp, but the two-pass thing is only 30 days with that...


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Re: Compression and MP3 players
« Reply #2 on: 27 Nov '06 - 14:28 »
I thought that might be the case. I could try dropping the sample rate down to 22.05kHz, but I doubt that'd achieve much. Ah well, I'll keep on with the WMA then. Here's hoping Creative will add OGG support for their MuVo TX!