Author Topic: ! BUG: Possible CPU Kernel Leak in FileDialog (video demo)  (Read 3541 times)


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I can't find any other mention of this so I'm worried that it's just me; or perhaps I'm just the first to notice it.

For the past few versions (I don't recall exactly when it started happening, although I could look into it if it will help), XMPlay has been causing a leak in CPU kernel usage when the open FileDialog is run.  The leak (perhaps a loop or something) remains active until XMP is closed.

I have recorded a screen capture showing the bug in action:

Can anyone else reproduce this?
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Never mind.  Ian, you're off the hook.  On a hunch, I did a little testing and found that it's not XMP that's the problem, but the Skale plugin.

Fortunately I never really used that anyway, but anyone who uses that plugin should check to see if they're experiencing this however.

*UPDATE* I've just emailed the devs of the plugin the link so that they can attend to it, but it's pretty old so don't hold your breath.   :P
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