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Author Topic: XMPlay media info plug-in for HyperIM status manager  (Read 9858 times)


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This plug-in is still in develop. Because of the lack of beta-testers around here, I've deleted the attachment from this post. But it's still available on request, or on the official HyperIM Forums (Beta Testing zone).

This is the first BETA release of the XMPlay media info plug-in for HyperIM.
It's still BETA, so you might find some bugs in it.

- Player macros: Playlist Length, XMPlay version (right now it has a fixed value, "XMPlay", but soon it will show the actual XMPlay version number)
- Tag macros: Full song title (displays the song like XMPlay does), Artist, Title, Album, etc...
- General track info macros: position in playlist, filename, path, format, length, etc... (check the Options window to see them all)
- FIXED: VBR files problems
- FIXED: slow Options window movement
- and other things, not shown here (details on HyperIM Forums - Beta testing)

Future plans:
- add the Master Macro, Progress Bar and player state macros
- add option to always show the headphones icon in Yahoo Messenger
- optimize the code, for faster scanning times

Known issues:
- some DDE errors appear from time to time...I guess this will be fixed when XMPlay will support WindowsMessage :(
- the plug-in is quite large (working on it)

If you find any bugs in it, please post it here. If this plug-in generates an error, a screenshot of what XMPlay was playing (XMPlay General and Info windows) and the file "him_xmplay_debug.log" (from "%HyperIM%\Plugins") would be of a great help.

To be able to use this plug-in, visit http://numedecod.ro/hyperYM.php?overview and download HyperIM. Also, you have to download him_xmplay.rar (attached to this post) and copy it's content in "%HyperIM%\Plugins".

What is HyperIM?
HyperIM is a freeware, universal status manager, with extendable capabilities (plugin-oriented architecture). HyperIM uses expandable text macros (variables and flags) to generate dynamic strings/statuses which change in time (e.g. many media info details from different media players).

You can use HyperIM to create complex, formatted, statuses for all your IM personal status messages, send your status to web scripts (e.g. for dynamic image signatures), create automatic, dynamic, Yahoo! Messenger PM answers, and that's just the start!

In other words, everyone who looks for a way to show what they're listening to with XMPlay in YahooMessenger, GoogleTalk, MSN Messenger, Skype or send the current status (or another user-defined dynamic string) over the web, to a specified URL address, can use this small status manager.
Maybe in the near future it will support even more instant messengers, because anyone can make plug-ins for HyperIM.

Also, HyperIM supports other 18 players, but who cares when we have XMPlay, right?  ;D
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Re: XMPlay media info plug-in for HyperIM status manager
« Reply #1 on: 30 Dec '06 - 22:25 »
Um... What? O_o


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Re: XMPlay media info plug-in for HyperIM status manager
« Reply #2 on: 31 Dec '06 - 16:47 »
If you want to show what you're listening to with XMPlay in GoogleTalk, YahooMessenger or MSN or transform what you're listening to into a script to use on web, you can use HyperIM.


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Would this work in Miranda IM?


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Currently, I don't think so... You could ask for a plug-in to support this on HyperIM Forums


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Would this work in Miranda IM?

Good Question!


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Would this work in Miranda IM?

Good news! Yesterday was just released the HyperIM plug-in for Miranda IM (tested with Miranda 0.6.0). You can download the plug-in here: http://numedecod.ro/HyperIM/forum/index.php?topic=509.msg2701#msg2701  (it's still the first release, so if you have any bugs to report, or any suggestions, post them on HyperIM Forum)  ;)


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Re: XMPlay media info plug-in for HyperIM status manager
« Reply #7 on: 19 Jan '07 - 16:55 »
Ok, now that I feel I have the time and energy to try this plugin, it's gone. Couldn't find it on the HyperIM forums either, where I just now registered for nothing. So Cris, would you consider this as a request? :)


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Re: XMPlay media info plug-in for HyperIM status manager
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OK, let me tell you what happened:

The plug-in I'm making is BETA, and WAS in the BETA Test zone on HyperIM Forums. But, due to some very nasty DDE errors (which I don't have the knowledge, nor the time to fix), I decided to wait until XMPlay 3.4 will be released which, hopefully, will support Windows Message (if Ian didn't forget about this). So the HyperIM Forum Admin deleted the thread from the forum, cos it was no longer up-to-date.

Until the next release of this plug-in (which will happen after XMPlay 3.4), you have 2 options:
1) either use the official release (this one is very limited, cos it only uses XMPlay's main window caption. In other words, the information will be exactly as you set it in XMPlay)

2) either you can try the BETA version (which you'll have problems with, unfortunately) :(
If you decide to try the BETA version (which I don't quite recommend), drop me a line, and I'll post it here.

Sorry about this, but it's my first try to make data transfer between 2 different applications. :(

where I just now registered for nothing.
You can always delete your account, if you really want to  ;)
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"him_xmplayEx.dll v.1.2.0"

Hi everybody.

I'm listening to many webradios. I have a problem with this plugin.

When I listen a webradio without "%mSong%" tag, HyperIM crashes.

Note that "him_xmplay.dll v0.1.0" has not this bug.

Thank you in advance!
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