Author Topic: $75 Bounty: add iTunes7 mp3 support to the c++ Tags add-on  (Read 6812 times)


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It seems that the tags add-on does not support the mp3 id3 format now used by iTunes7.  I'd like this fixed for my app, but haven't gotten to it and don't really know how much work it is.

If you add support for this I'll gladly pay $75 (paypal or whatever works for you) for the source, VS project files, and compiled DLL.  Please also send all files to Ian so the fix can be posted for all Bass users.

There's more info about the problem here:;hl=tags+itunes+bass+net;topicseen#msg43502



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i have my own DLL support read/write Mp3 Tag
id3v2.4.0, ID3v2.3.0, ID3v2.2.0
support also unicode file name/tag

but it work without bass....


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