Author Topic: $2000 US obo. will be paid to anyone who can write the following code for me:  (Read 7102 times)


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Hi Guys,

I have requirement for an upcoming project that entails a beat detection engine exactly like virtual dj has in their software. I don't have time to write this myself which really puts me in a bind now so if anyone has already done this or is willing to do this I will be willing to pay $2000 or best offer for it.


  • Language Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0
  • Beat Detection engine written for BASS audio engine
  • Need to be able to get all beat positions for entire audio file
  • Need a function to get data that is formatted to enable me to show scrolling waveform with the beats of the song exagerated like virtualdj does

I would prefer to make the payment through paypal if possible. Payment will be made upon receiving a compiled executable demonstrating the requirements listed above. I need the code to be written in c++ for microsoft visual studio 6.0.

PM me if interested.

Edit: Jobnik has come up with a solution for the beat detection requirement and a donation is being made to him for all his hard work :D

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Why don't you ask this guy:

He invented beat detection for BASS


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Need a function get fft data that is formatted to enable me to show scrolling spectrum with the beats of the song exagerated
Are you sure about FFT and a scrolling spectrum?
Or do you mean to get the peak/avrg. levels and display a scrolling wave form?


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ya I mean waveform :)


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Why don't you see my c# Executable,

Beat Detection demo written in C#

Screen Shoot of my C# Demo

Janaka Prasad A.B


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"janakaprasadab" that looks very good. Smooth scroll and low CPU .

Can you please share the C# source?