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Horizontal skins?
« on: 4 Mar '07 - 05:42 »
I could only find 2 skins that are small bars [shades and another] that all there are for the player?

All the other skins are way too big!


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Re: Horizontal skins?
« Reply #1 on: 4 Mar '07 - 09:08 »
I was working on such a skin a while back, one which uses the pos_automini support by default. ;D
Had managed to get quite far with it, but then I accidentally extracted an older version on top of the more complete one.. =P
But, still had just 'temp' colours and graphics in. First pic is non-hovered and second is hovered. =)

In other words, I gave up (at least temporarily) after the stuffup. :D
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Re: Horizontal skins?
« Reply #2 on: 4 Mar '07 - 10:13 »
There's also my dull-looking Miniskins (the preview pics are deceptive, since they're meant to be run in mini mode all the time), but bear in mind they're made for global hotkeyers; not all controls are available as buttons (I'm not part of the keyboard-handicapped Win95 generation). One of these days there will be a Miniskin 3... I will maybe make a few different sizes too.


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Re: Horizontal skins?
« Reply #3 on: 4 Mar '07 - 12:45 »
You have a few other skins that have a small horizontal bar for mini mode. There are :'silk', 'flatline' , 'bonjour' and probably others I am less familiar or don't remember.

You are right in saying there is only a little selection of skins that work both mini and regular modes as slim horizontal bars.


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Re: Horizontal skins?
« Reply #4 on: 4 Mar '07 - 14:26 »
We'll See.. also currently has a bar like mini mode but that will change in the future as I think its functions are too limited.


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Re: Horizontal skins?
« Reply #5 on: 4 Mar '07 - 17:42 »
I got another skin I am working on "min" with 3 colors variants: blue, green, and orange. 
I know I know I have to finish the goxm skin too, I will probably post something relatively soon.


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Re: Horizontal skins?
« Reply #6 on: 5 Mar '07 - 00:23 »
Try Flatline in mini-mode.