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"Virtual" Pre-Amplifier
« on: 8 Mar '07 - 21:07 »
Im trying to build a "virtual" digital preamp (perhaps an entire stereo system), based on PC hardware and touch screen operation. Its sort of a "concept study", trying to determine useful forms of control and visualization in touch screen GUIs. I believe this will become an interesting field of development, with the advent of suitable display technologies (such as printable polymer displays, etc). For now however I'm just using a simple 17" CRT touch screen, though ;)

So I have drawn a rough signal flow diagram of the planned preamp, and I would like to ask if you bass-experienced people could take a look at it, and maybe give some suggestions and/or hints, please?

You can find the diagram at in GIF Format (44kB) or in PDF Format (24kB).

Thanks & Greetings