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playback on track
« on: 28 May '07 - 14:47 »
First, congratulation for your soft and.. sorry for my bad english, cause i'm a french man..

my question:
I would like to play with my guitar on the MP3 track with XMPplay (playback) .. I have a sound card with asio support and i have the asio plugin. I selected the asio driver in XMPlay option (Asio Bac2000). So, the track play but the sound of my guitar is out. i have a monitor function on my sound card (Berhinger BCA2000) but the sound is mixed in mono mode (left input source and right audio source)..

So, for you, this function for playback is it possible or, i must use my soft for multi i/o audio source (i.e: Cubase)?
Thanks for your help
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