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Problem with .m4a file
« on: 17 Jun '07 - 00:05 »
Hi! everybody  :)
XMPlay 3.4 plays very well .m4a file (ALAC= Apple lossless) encoded with iTunes..
but XMPlay crashes when loading a .m4a file encoded with dBpowerampR12..
Is there any solution to this problem ?  ???
Thanks in advance.  ;)


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Re: Problem with .m4a file
« Reply #1 on: 17 Jun '07 - 02:49 »
I had some problems with mp4 file in ALAC format reported here :
Mine were actually ripped by itunes. I didn't continue trying to locate where lies the problem. Eventually I just converted them to another lossless format . :)


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Re: Problem with .m4a file
« Reply #2 on: 17 Jun '07 - 19:42 »
Thanks for your support ;)
The problem is solved.. i've realized that it was a problem of Metadata (tag & fonts) when opening the track's Properties under foobar.. dbPowerAmp had named the Track Title tagged within lossless file :  c:\documents and settings\xxx\xxx and not the real name of .m4a track. :-\
Now, i can listen alls .m4a files under XMPlay:)

Ps: Generally speaking, an iPod recognizes at present .m4a files encoded both with iTunes and dbPowerAmp Music Converter (if you don't use iTunes, you can add or remove .m4a audio files with SharPod v3.0..) when Rockbox plays only .m4a files compressed with iTunes !? I use another lossless encoder such as Flac or Wavpack with Rockbox on my iPod nano first generation. If it can help.. So long.
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