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"XMPlay-able" files..
« on: 21 Jun '07 - 14:33 »
Hi! everybody, i've a little problem :-\ :
When i open a directory to play a file such as .ape, .flac, .wv or .tak..
XMPlay only shows "XMPlay-able" files, and i've always to choose "All files" or
looked for the right extension file in the list (below "XMPlay-able") to see it..
If i integrate "alls associated filetypes", the problem is still the same!
Idem if i add the file type in "Saved Settings" and save current settings (in clicking Save settings..). What's to be done ?
Thanks in advance.  :)


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Re: "XMPlay-able" files..
« Reply #1 on: 21 Jun '07 - 23:43 »
This is something I too would be very thankful for: the option to default the file requester to "all files", and even better: to be able to add my own file types through XMPlay (and detect them through a filename pattern or file content). The settings file should be in plaintext for easy editing. Example

"Fasttracker 2 module" NAME *.xm

or better:

"Fasttracker 2 module" OFFSET 0 "Extended Module"

or whatever. I would gladly write the default detection file. Due to problems with Windows, content detection would (probably) have to be restricted to files that are already being loaded, not just listed in the requester. This would be much better than having to handle this through Windows own (sucky) filetype system, even though Tsorovan's registry hacks make it much easier.

But right now I'm on vacation, so I'm not thinking about modules. Not at all. ;)