Author Topic: Crash when playing audio cd  (Read 3257 times)


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Crash when playing audio cd
« on: 1 Jul '07 - 14:22 »
I played this cd yesterday without any problem. Today  though, XMPlay crashes after ~2 minutes of playback of any track. I hear a stutter in playback and then I get a message that xmplay needs to be closed.

I uploaded a log file from xmplay you sent me some time ago.  Maybe you can learn from it what has happened.

Ian @ un4seen

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Re: Crash when playing audio cd
« Reply #1 on: 2 Jul '07 - 13:17 »
That's strange. Do you have any details on the crash, eg. drwtsn32.log entry?


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Re: Crash when playing audio cd
« Reply #2 on: 2 Jul '07 - 23:54 »
Ian , My dr. watson debugger is disabled.
Anyway, I wanted to solve this problem as soon as possible because it kept on crashing with every cd I tried to play so I overwrote xmplay folders (including User specific data)with a day old backup.

The problem didn't occur again since.

Sorry I couldn't be more helpful in pinpointing the exact problem . I only can say that the symptoms  of this crash were similar to the ones I had with mp4 alac files here.