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Re: BASS 2.4 beta
« Reply #175 on: 6 May '08 - 10:13 »
Hello Gamo  ;),I tried your code in my Karaoke-software and the Deltatime value is correct if the midifile don't has tempo changes, but if inside the midifile is a variation of tempo the sync of the lyrics is not good. Although I adapt bpm * ppqn in the exact moment when the tempo change happens, it doesn't work. Can you give me some idea? I hope you can help me  ???

Hi Ian,

  I have try to get Tick position by using the API. It return difference value that I calculate in my program.

  Here is the code that I used and it work correctly. I compare with directmusic (The microsoft DirectX).

BTime = (BASS_ChannelBytes2Seconds(chan, BASS_ChannelGetPosition(chan)) * 1000)
DeltaTime = ((BTime / (60000 / (bpm * ppqn))) / 1000)

I am not sure that the tick position that you provide and DirectX provide is same value.


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Re: BASS 2.4 beta
« Reply #176 on: 13 Aug '08 - 17:50 »
Hello. This is the most popular radio in whole Poland:

But. BASS liblary doesn't work with it (

Anyone knows why?

PS. Winamp is working ok with this.