Author Topic: Traduzir para PORTUGUES do BRASIL  (Read 11315 times)


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Traduzir para PORTUGUES do BRASIL
« on: 7 Feb '08 - 14:43 »
Quando será que conseguiremos traduzir para portugues?

se alguem souber como fazer isso, me fala!


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Re: Traduzir para PORTUGUES do BRASIL
« Reply #1 on: 7 Feb '08 - 14:56 »
When it will be that we have a Portuguese translation? If anyone knows how to make this, tell me!
You can write in Portuguese, but most people on this forum won't understand you.
There is no way to translate XMPlay yet, and I'm not sure if there will ever be this possibility.
Quote from: Dotpitch (Babelfished:Portuguese)
Você pode escrever no português, mas a maioria de povos neste forum não o compreenderão. Não há nenhuma maneira traduzir ainda XMPlay, e eu não sou certo se houver sempre esta possibilidade.


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Re: Traduzir para PORTUGUES do BRASIL
« Reply #2 on: 1 Dec '10 - 04:43 »
I think the LingoWare can help you
I also think it would be sensational if XMPlay can be translated.
Ian could start with the European languages and let unicode and RTL for later.


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Re: Traduzir para PORTUGUES do BRASIL
« Reply #3 on: 1 Dec '10 - 20:21 »
Ian has stated in the past that he has no interest in translating the program to other languages.


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Re: Traduzir para PORTUGUES do BRASIL
« Reply #4 on: 2 Dec '10 - 08:43 »
I personally don't care much if XMPlay gets a translation, but I suppose the right approach would be something like language packs, so the actual translation is not on Ian shoulders. Still, I can imagine that this would require some code from him, and I don't know how much; also, the space in the windows may be too little for some languages.
I don't think it's worth it, and even if XMPlay gets localized in my language, well, I'd still use the native english. XD

Ian @ un4seen

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Re: Traduzir para PORTUGUES do BRASIL
« Reply #5 on: 2 Dec '10 - 13:28 »
Just to clarify, I'm not against the idea of translations. There have been quite a lot of generous offers to translate XMPlay to various languages over the years, and I was keen on the idea, but after considering things, it's hard to see how it would be possible to do well. The main problem is the option windows, eg. fitting translations in the tightly allocated space. So I have to admit I'm not quite so keen on the idea now, but it could still happen, eg. if the option layout should happen to change to a tabular layout at some point.

A simple solution (of sorts) that comes to mind is to add a Google translate option on the support site. I guess automated translations may not be totally accurate, but I guess they should still make some sense :)