Author Topic: Random and/or Shuffle limitations?  (Read 1979 times)


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Random and/or Shuffle limitations?
« on: 16 Jul '08 - 05:22 »
Is there a maximum amount of tracks that they can work with?

My playlist is 9,866 lines long at the moment.

Oh the moment I'm running the current 3.4.2 release.


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Re: Random and/or Shuffle limitations?
« Reply #1 on: 16 Jul '08 - 10:23 »
As far as I know, there is no limitation for this, except for your system resources. What issues are you experiencing?


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Re: Random and/or Shuffle limitations?
« Reply #2 on: 20 Jul '08 - 01:52 »
"What issues are you experiencing?"

None really.  Everything works pretty much perfectly, well there is one minor gnat in the works I'll mention below.  It's that I can see the end of the light in the tunnel for all the music I'm pushing into mp3 format, all of my old vinyl and ripping the CD's we've bought since.  At the end this process the playlist will be pretty much set and I'm now thinking of how to simplify the process of playback.  However, I maintain 4 separate computers which can play the list at any time and I'd rather not have the same playlist on each of them, right now I have some homecooked code which creates random playlists.  Heck one is my desktop machine and I re-randomize it everytime I want to listen to music just so it doesn't restart at the same place (using xmms on this computer, no Windows support, and the old version I'm using doesn't have a restart capability that I know of).  I also like the ability to restart the playlist at the point where the computer was shutdown last.

The minor gnat is that I have some stuff that will not play on a machine running Win98SE, the W2K Pro machine plays them fine as does the XP machine, xmms (under linux) will also play them fine...shrug...