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XMPlayer Bluetooth Support
« on: 2 Sep '08 - 03:09 »
Is there or will there be a plugin that allows XMplayer to be controlled by Bluetooth?

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Re: XMPlayer Bluetooth Support
« Reply #1 on: 2 Sep '08 - 04:30 »
If you mean whether it'd be possible to control XMPlay via a suitable Bluetooth device, then this just depends on the type of the device, I guess. If you have a BT keyboard, it's already possible. ;) For everything else, like BT-capable mobile phones, you'll need some software A) on the phone to send keypresses and B) on the target computer that will identify those keypresses and process them somehow, e.g. forward them to another app.

In short, there's no easy way to do things with Bluetooth and IF things might work out in the future, XMPlay will most certainly NOT be the application that provides the BT device compatibility, because it's just an audio player and there are countless BT devices on the market, all with their own interface... There will be other applications to do that job.