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Q about BASS_GetDeviceDescription
« on: 8 Jul '02 - 10:16 »
Hello all!

First: big thx for BASS.DLL it is really superb! In only 20 minutes after downloading it I was able to add some mp3 music to my game I'm working on...

And my question goes here: how could I get description of DEFAULT sound device? If I call BASS_GetDeviceDescription( -1 ) it returns error (BASS_ERROR_DEVICE); it works fine when calling with 0 (first), 1 (second) etc. But in BASS_Init I use DEFAULT device and I would like to know its name too.
Please help 'new in bass'


PS. sorry about my English but I'm from Poland (here we use Polish ;) )

Ian @ un4seen

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Re: Q about BASS_GetDeviceDescription
« Reply #1 on: 8 Jul '02 - 17:35 »
device -1 is actually the same as device 0, so the description is retrieved with BASS_GetDeviceDescription(0).

The default device will usually equate to the device the user has selected in the Multimedia Properties control panel, the description of which can be retrieved with BASS_GetDeviceDescription(1). But if that prefered device is not available or unsuitable, then the system may choose another (if there's another available)... so you're probably better off just sticking with the standard "Primary Sound Driver" description that BASS_GetDeviceDescription(0) gives :)