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BASS & Proxy Problem
« on: 1 Mar '09 - 18:58 »
Hi guys
I have one problem with my WEBRadio application when I need to use proxy(mobile network)...
I have in xml Station list with names and URL's...
If I don't use Proxy all stations work normaly example:
Code: [Select]

If I use proxy then only this two stations work normaly:
Code: [Select]

What can I do that next stations will work with enabled proxy:
Code: [Select]

Thanks for any help. Im try add this stations in NETRadio example and without proxy work all OK with proxy is same  first two play normaly other not... Is this BUG in Bass library?

Regards, _Dejan_


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Re: BASS & Proxy Problem
« Reply #1 on: 2 Mar '09 - 08:13 »
Good to see, that you are also including my own radio station in your app - THX :-)

I guess there is not mach chance, since a proxy 'only' filters, analyzes and routs the packages.
So in essence the proxy settings itself are the limiting factor.
What I guess is, that your proxy doesn't allow TCP/IP packages to pass through from ports other than :80.

I am not sure about the "" stream, but at least the "" is streaming over port :80 and thus can typically pass any proxy (as port 80 is also used for http communication).
So if you have access to your proxy, you might try to open the other streams ports (:8075, 8050, :8888).


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Re: BASS & Proxy Problem
« Reply #2 on: 2 Mar '09 - 08:52 »
Thanks for your reply.
Problem is because proxy is not my and is from mobile operator(I listen with UMTS phone) so I can't change anything on it... Im try few public proxy from proxy list on my notebook and I have same problem. Work only URL's which go trough port 80. But If I remember when Im use one plugin(I don't know if use BASS library) for Centrafuse(Use Bass.NET 2.4.1) Im play this URL's with proxy without problems...
I will try again old plugin and report if work with proxy if use other port than 80 normaly...

Regards, _Dejan_