Author Topic: "The Acoustic Room" (BassBox plugin)  (Read 3292 times)

Patrice Terrier

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"The Acoustic Room" (BassBox plugin)
« on: 3 Apr '09 - 19:13 »
This is a new BassBox plugin based on the work of Jürgen Huhn

Screen shot:

You can get it there.

Note: This is an interactive plugin, this means you can use the left and right mouse buttons.
For example, try the right mouse button click (also dragging) and double click.

All the BassBox plugins have a small CPU foot print, and the visual effects are on the service of the playing audio, they are not effect for effect, they can be played full screen even on 1920 x 1080 HD display.

Patrice Terrier
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Re: "The Acoustic Room" (BassBox plugin)
« Reply #1 on: 3 Apr '09 - 20:56 »
Very Nice!

BASS_SFX will be supporting these BassBox plugins in a very short time! :)
I am working on it right now people, so get ready. Once I get past a little problem I am having, there will be a new version available with BassBox visuals like this being supported :D

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