MID2XM midi converter
Platform: All Windows (not 64-bit)Current version: 1.4
Registration Key: cYGf+ppe,ChnyQQAnzih
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MID2XM is a MS-Windows program that, as the title suggests, converts MIDI files into XM digital music modules (FastTracker 2 modules).

The purpose of MID2XM is to make it easier to create quality music for demos, games or whatever. By using a MIDI sequencer and instrument to record and edit the music before converting it with MID2XM to a XM module. Rather than starting from scratch using a tracker.
Main features
linkThere are dozens of sample sets at the Hornet Archive, both melodic and percussive, taken from many synths and drum machines. The XI sets can be used directly with MID2XM, and the WAV sets can be used with the built-in WAV-to-XI converter. Registered MID2XM users can also directly use the PAT sets.
linkThere are hundreds of samples at MAZ Sound Tools split into about a dozen sets. The samples are in WAV format, so they can be used with the built-in WAV-to-XI converter.