Author Topic: How does Bass compare to HQPlayer 5 ?  (Read 389 times)


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How does Bass compare to HQPlayer 5 ?
« on: 6 Nov '23 - 13:36 »
Just wondering how the Bass library compares to the capabilities of the HQPlayer 5?


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Re: How does Bass compare to HQPlayer 5 ?
« Reply #1 on: 10 Nov '23 - 07:54 »
I know HQPlayer well and its developer Jussi Laako, owner of Signalyst.

As you may know, HQPlayer has a powerful and extensive set of up-sampling filters, ditherers and modulators for up-sampling PCM to higher PCM sample rates, and converting and up-sampling PCM to DSD if desired.

This is the raison d'ĂȘtre of HQPlayer and I don't believe comparing it to BASS makes much sense. BASS is a library which developers across platforms can incorporate into their apps.

I'm still learning BASS, and I see it does have some sample rate conversion (SRC) capabilities; but this is not where it's emphasis lies.

It would make more sense to compare it with it's related player XMPlay which, I believe, uses the BASS library.

I believe XMPlay is very flexible and can support VST plug-ins. So up-sampling could be performed that way.

The up-sampling capabilities of HQPlayer are quite unique though and can't be equalled by any other player, in my experience.

I doubt if the kind of powerful up-sampling filters; etc. which HQPlayer incorporates are likely to come to BASS or XMPlay anytime soon, as I believe they are proprietary to HQPlayer.

HQPlayer is also cross platform, as is the BASS library; but XMPlayer is for Windows only.

I hope that helps answer your question.