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Sort by date/created
« on: 30 May '05 - 15:04 »
Is it possible to sort a playlist by the created date?

Without renaming files with track numbers, this would seem the obvious way to sort album tracks as they appear on the CD (presuming they were ripped in that order).

(I did a quick search of the forum and don't think this has been mentioned, but sorry if I missed it.)



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Re: Sort by date/created
« Reply #1 on: 3 Jun '05 - 03:42 »
No, but I do agree that would be nice.


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Re: Sort by date/created
« Reply #2 on: 24 Mar '07 - 17:26 »
bumping this request! atm I'm parsing the ASMA to make a favorite playlist and if I could sort every artists latest songs first I'd much quicker find good tunes I guess. and also it's nice to listen to someones works chronologicly.
and please add possibility to sort flatly all in one method or first by path and then by different methods.

also it would be really cool with a long shot feature but to sort all songs by "workographical age" of song from earliest song in same folder and in this way sort all tunes by a global playlist ranking derived from the local age.
like if 4mat made his last song in my 4mat folder in 2001 and a n00b made his first and only song in 2006 I want the 4mat song to be sorted way ahead of that n00bs song as 4mat's song is..what, 10 years or so later than the first song in his folder if that one's made in 1991.
so his 2001 song gets years in sort ranking while the n00b song which is his only song gets 0.0 as it has no workographical age.

this would be great as it's the most sure way to totally computationally sort a huge archive by likely to be most skillful songs first to most likely n00bish songs last and would treat composers from different ages equally as the ranking is derived from local dates.

huge thanks if this crazy but cool feature is implemented.
if so I could just add all 2000+ songs at once and use this sort on them all without taking one artist a time.
but please, atleast a simple sort by date :)
thanks for xmplay.


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Re: Sort by date/created
« Reply #3 on: 25 Mar '07 - 18:31 »
+1. this feature would make xmplay even more unique.


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Re: Sort by date/created
« Reply #4 on: 25 Mar '07 - 18:56 »
yes and ofcourse it would make sorting very slow for alot of songs but I mean you sort one time and listen for how many hours in such a case? could introduce a progress bar? or show "sorting..." in display just like "normalizing..."?
and if sorted file doesn't contain date created last date changed is absolutely fine in most cases :)
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Re: Sort by date/created
« Reply #5 on: 27 Mar '07 - 00:07 »
If you're using Windows NT, 2000 or later, you can generate a list of files sorted by date from the command line. If you feed this list to a m3u file, then XMPlay can open it.

Enter this at a command prompt (cmd.exe):
Code: [Select]
dir /-w /-p /b /tc /od /a-d /sto list all the files in the current folder and all subfolders, with the files in each folder sorted by creation date. If you only want the current folder, remove the "/s" at the end.

To save this in a file, run something like this:
Code: [Select]
dir /-w /-p /b /tc /od /a-d /s > playlist.m3uto save the files in playlist.m3u


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Re: Sort by date/created
« Reply #6 on: 27 Mar '07 - 00:19 »
a neat! I didn't even consider generating a playlist_file_ outside of the player even though I'm familiar with the simple format of them x)
if I ever need to sort a vast amount of files by date I guess I'd use this... but usually sorting a whole archive by date isn't so useful..
but nontheless I should've thought of doing this outside of xmplay before. (for some reason I thought xmplay must do this since it involved typically xmplay integrated file formats x))
I'll add this to my playlist tools uglyhack app when I get the time for sure.


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Re: Sort by date/created
« Reply #7 on: 17 Jan '20 - 14:23 »
bumping this request!

Ian @ un4seen

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Re: Sort by date/created
« Reply #8 on: 17 Jan '20 - 16:33 »
XMPlay doesn't currently retain a file's date in the library (which also holds info for the tracks in the playlist), so it isn't currently possible to sort by that (at least not efficiently) but I'll look into adding that for the next release.


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Re: Sort by date/created
« Reply #9 on: 17 Jan '20 - 18:16 »
Wouldn't it make more sense to sort by modification date rather than creation date? The issue with the creation date is that it may be modified e.g. when copying a file, while the modification date stays constant in that situation.