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« on: 23 Jul '03 - 00:36 »
Today i found out that 'nice music softwares are not necessarily created by Nice people'.check out this Interview with Didier Dambrin,creator of FruityLoops.

The guy is so amazing and self-confident.he believes Cubase and Logic are aweful,REASON sucks cause they've imitated real hardwares,and he also hates Sound Engineers! the only thing he admires [i guess] is himself and his freakyloops.
Surely Fruity is a nice app only cause it LOOKS nice. otherwise there are hundred different ways to create damn cool drum and loop stuff.

and the final word: Thanx alot IAN for what you have done with BASS. you've created something that not only you but many other people are enjoying it and learning new stuff. in mean time, profit to all.

and hey,what the fuck is that fruity all about? the most of this software is done in Photoshop,with some lines of code attached! ;-)


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Re: FreakyLoopz
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I believe that the user interface that an application is the key of success. I've seen excellent programs from the aspect of code, but with terrible GUI. That's why Winamp for example is very popular and some other programs are less popular.
They secret of Fruity Loops is their simple and handsome GUI.
I believe Didier's words say it all:
Sonikmatter: What's your view on Cubase, Logic and Sonar?

Didier: They are classics. You know, like books, that you wished you had read, but don't want to read. They're the ones that are supposed be used, but are too scary because of their complexity, and you don't really 'want' to learn them. So if you don't actually have to learn them, it's hard to start, and I never dared to. That's my opinion for Sonar and Cubase, as I don't know Logic, which seems to have a worse learning curve. They're probably the best tools for what they're supposed to do, but they're certainly not applications you can use for fun or have fun whilst using."


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Re: FreakyLoopz
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I dislike REASON and in fact FruityLoops, too, because of their GUI.
I prefer Orion Platinum, it has an even easier-to-use GUI. ;)


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Re: FreakyLoopz
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Try making waves ;D


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Hm? You mean WAV files? No problem...
If you mean something else: There's a "WaveDream" generator in Orion.


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I use MatLab and QBASIC!  *giggle*


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Re: FreakyLoopz
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Here are some examples of what I already did with Orion: