Author Topic: Bug: Xmplay 3.8.5: scanning clipboard for URL not working anymore  (Read 828 times)


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I am having trouble with XMplay on Windows 11, a new laptop system so everthing is new to me after a hiatus of 7+ years from Windows.

I used to be able to load mods from by copying the URL into the clipboard, XMPlay would auto-play them.

When selecting an URL and copying to clipboard, XMPlay DOES wake up and show "Scanning HTML" so something *is* still working, its just not seeing a mod file?

I do recall in earlier versions of XMPlay we needed to have the ZIP archive plugin (which is not longer available in the download list) so I guess that got integrated within XMPlay. Another difference is that TMA since a few years now has provided the downloads unzipped instead as the original compressed .zip file from a cache system built into the download handler on

These are just a dump from my favourites lists on TMA so you can get a selection of test URLs with different formats:

The hashtag in the end of the URL was actually a hack to get this feature of XMPlay working in the first place!

If this can be fixed it would be a godsend again.

Let me know if more info is needed, and how.



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Ah yes, the problem is that XMPlay is erroneously sending the hashtag to the server, and the request is failing with a "Bad Request" status as a result. Here's an update that leaves out the hashtag:

Let me know if you still have any trouble with it. Btw, you probably don't need to include the entire filename in the hashtag, the extension alone should suffice to show XMPlay that it's a supported filetype. Another option is to set an "Open from clipboard" or "List - Add from clipboard" keyboard shortcut (possibly global) and press that after copying the URL to the clipboard. This method doesn't check the extension, so shouldn't require any hashtag fiddling.