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Bug head canter

Light version for all people

Bug head 2nd sound technology

Sound processing technology

By not the result of a DAC, consider the state of the sound waves in the air, I have established a sound processing technology and back-calculated from the results. In the terminology of the Japanese audio, I can not be explained without the use of words recreate the sound, and digitally remastered. Please understand that even if the re-sampler from the definition, can not be called a resampler.

Than to calculate the frequency domain to revive the lost, improved sound quality of compressed music such as, M4A MP3 is remarkable, I was able to achieve a higher quality of sound. You will be surprised that if the good recording situation, you may be surprised at the sound more than the impression of the CD. Been extinguished in particular the characteristics of the microphone, the original sound of the instrument can be realized and the singer.

Sound engine is developed by me. The operator does not need that much precision 128-bit, I have realized this sound. A laptop-compatible 24-bit output, and allows the output of high-quality headphone amplifier is needed not much, you can compete for high-quality amp is 100 000 yen. RED is the first generation. BLACK is the second generation. Number of CPU processing is different.

In Core2Duo3GHz, but can handle BLACK of 24bit96kHz, and it 192kHz, CPU will need even faster. RED can handle of 192kHz. Regarding support for this is planned to support high-performance version of the Bug head in, it is a policy sold as shareware 3,000 yen. Total development costs, including labor costs also becomes 20 million yen, Please understand.

required WASAPI or ASIO2(XP or) driver and DAC device
required SSE2 CPU
required Memory space 50MB over
required Must be to relax the user (Quality can not be improved)

Screen shot

Download 1.09MB / Bug head canter Ver1.16

have fun
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Change log Ver1.15
  • add Black mode (test drive) 2nd generation
  • add ASIO control panel ([ASIO] click at 1st main viewing)
  • fix 18 steps volume control
  • fix CDDB cache timing
  • fix 90kB binary size
  • bug have some gap (go to hell ...and... a hell on code)


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Update 1.16
  • [Fix] 128-bit Fast Sound engine
  • [Remove] multi thread mode
  • [Fix] completely gapless
  • [Fix] Black mode, Second generation sound
  • [Add] Switch Red or Black on main window
  • [Fix] AddFolders position fix
  • [Add] All playlist clear by [Shift + C]
  • [Add] Auto CD scan by [D]
  • [Fix] Rarely sound engine stop by Read audio files
  • [Fix] call ASIO Control panel
  • [Fix] window control
  • [Add] Such as "career developer" and "Description of sound processing technology", in English
  • [recommend devices] support 24 bit mode (Windows7 or ...)

Please be sure to read the manual (PDF).