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Mono Mp3s Volume Control Bug
« on: 23 Jun '03 - 23:26 »
I first encountered this bug quite a long time ago and mentioned about it in this thread:

Now after I listened to some more mono mp3s, I started to investigate the matter a bit further. I managed to find out, why volume control was not working in my mono mp3s: it's about the output quality - if it's 8 or 16, the volume control works fine, but if it's 24 or 32, the volume slider doesn't do anything, and the volume is same as if the slider was at 50. Try it out, Ian, and tell me if you can now produce the problem, and then perhaps fix it :).

Oh, and in case you didn't have a mono mp3 to test with at hand, I uploaded one to your ftp. It's from a funny Finnish radio show.. too bad you can't understand it :P. The filename is 'Alivaltiosihteeri - Ilaskivi Mainostoimistossa.mp3'.

I also have encountered a slight colour issue in XMPlay when changing skins. Sometimes the colour of the selected track, or the one you're pointing at with the cursor, goes wrong. For example, in Pager skin it might go green, or in Risky it could go bright blue. I'm not actually sure if this is already in the past, because it hasn't occured in quite a while, so I'd like to know if anyone else has bumped into this one.
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Re: Mono Mp3s Volume Control Bug
« Reply #1 on: 24 Jun '03 - 14:49 »
The volume control thing has been sorted for the next release, by playing mono files in stereo (if output is set to stereo)... it'll also sort the "mono only out of one speaker" problem that a couple of people had :)


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Re: Mono Mp3s Volume Control Bug
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Thank you :).