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Understanding ADX loop points
« on: 11 Nov '12 - 17:16 »
While using a VGMstream plugin for XMplay, I can listen to ADX files, which is the format most sonic the hedgehog games use for music these days.  I also record it into 'WAV' format, and try to rip it to 1-2 files (its own Intro and Loop files!).

While I was listening, I right clicked and got some information on a 3:45 tune of Speed Highway...

vgmstream plugin r961 Jun 20 2011

sample rate 44100 Hz
channels: 2
loop start: 314144 samples (0.0000 seconds)
loop end: 310484257 samples (0.0000 seconds)
stream total samples: 4917635  (0.0000 seconds)

...blah blah...

What I want to figure out is, what is this loop start and end bit?  I can't determine how many minutes and seconds that, samples translates to.  Can anyone help? o:


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Re: Understanding ADX loop points
« Reply #1 on: 11 Nov '12 - 18:56 »
Assuming a standard interpretation of samples, all you need to do is dividing it by the number of samples per second (at 44KHz, that would be 44100) to convert it to seconds. Seconds are a very imprecise way of describing loop points, though, usually you'd want to measure them in samples.