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File Association Problem
« on: 23 May '03 - 06:35 »
I just bumped into a really strange bug in WinXP.. I first thought it could be a bug in XMPlay, but now I'm not sure. Anyway, here's the deal:

I was going to try some MusePack files in XMPlay, and when I double-clicked on the yet unassosiated file, it asked if I want to use the web service to find out which prog to use (ya right :P), or if I want to select it from a list. Naturally I chose the latter option. XMPlay of course wasn't in the list yet, so I chose to browse for it. The problem is, when I located and selected xmplay.exe, it wouldn't show up in the list!

I tried a couple of times again, but no go. Then I tried if any other programs would show up by browsing, and they did. I also checked the properties of xmplay.exe, but there was nothing unusual. Then I got a brilliant idea: what if it was the name 'xmplay.exe', that prevented the prog to show up? So I changed the name of the file, by changing some letters and "wow!", it worked :D.

Now that I knew, it was the filename causing the problem, I tried to find out if some aspects of the name could have an effect - like having six characters and an 'x' in the beginning, and stuff like that, but all variations always showed properly in the list. I even changed the ending to .bat with the rest being original, but no luck.

So it looks like, it's only precisely 'xmplay.exe', that won't appear in the list. This lead me to think, that perhaps I have done something to/with XMPlay to "invalidate" it this way ???. Has anyone else experienced anything like this?

Oh and, by the way, I managed to go around this problem by doing this: First change the name of the .exe, then associate the filetype, then rename the .exe back to xmplay.exe. When you double-click the associated file, Windows tells you that it cannot find the *.exe (* = what you previously renamed it), but lets you browse for the file. Now you can just pick xmplay.exe, and Windows doesn't complain and so the filetype is properly associated. However, if you change the icon of the filetype (Folder Options -> File Types), it nullifies the filetype's association, and you must do all from the scratch. I just thought if someone else was having similar types of problems.. ::)
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Re: File Association Problem
« Reply #1 on: 23 May '03 - 10:28 »
I have WinXP Home SP1 and all works fine here with XMPLAY 2.7 :)

Have you tried opening XMPlay, going to integration and tick XM, IT, MOD, S3M, MP3, OGG etc. Also untick add tracks to playlist if you want your files to autoplay when opened.

BTW: Nice work on XMP 2.7 8)


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Re: File Association Problem
« Reply #2 on: 24 May '03 - 03:02 »
Heh yea, as an XMPlay power user, I naturally have all the filetypes ticked ;D. It's just that, mpc isn't internally supported in XMPlay, but via a plugin. This problem is probably rather unique, but luckily I found a way around it anyway :).
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