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« on: 8 May '03 - 16:11 »
Hi there!

How about a convolution DSP for XMPlay like RealReverb for Winamp?

It is designed to simulate a certain room (i.e. the echos + sound  colouration caused by it) by recording an impulse response (usually a short .wav file) in the room and using it to process any file on playback in a way that the result sounds like it has been recorded in the room.

But it can do much more: E.g. it can be used as EQ (record an impulse sent through your favourite EQ - no matter if it's 30 band or just bass+treble adjustment - to a impulse response .wav file, cut it and use this in the convolution plugin - and it sound the same as if the EQ would be integrated in XMPlay). Many more things can be done with it, and all these things at the same time, but only one plugin is needed.

If you use Winamp (or another player that supports winamp 2.x dsp plugins) besides XMPlay you can try it (see link above, there are also a lot of free available IR .wavs for download.)


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Re: Convolution
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Well... Perhaps that could be (not too terribly ;)) useful for you, me, Ian and for the rest of the 10% of the XMPlay user base we're included in, but I believe the other 90% couldn't care less. Please don't get me wrong, I'm quite aware that convolutive DSP techniques yield the best sounding results, but I don't think a convolution plugin would be that useful for the average user... Call me nuts: when I go to a cathedral or a relatively "wet" concert hall, the first thing I think is "God, I wish I'd be alone with my laptop and a couple of microphones for a while!", but I don't see people running around capturing (or synthesizing, for that matter) impulse responses... :D

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Re: Convolution
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Could be fun to play with... I may well look into it for 2.8 (2.7 is already overdue :))

If you use Winamp (or another player that supports winamp 2.x dsp plugins) besides XMPlay you can try it

Speaking of DSP plugins... Winamp2 DSP plugins are integer only (with the vast majority also likely to be 16-bit only), which isn't really much good for XMPlay (it would mean a reduction in quality when using a DSP plugin).

I'd be willing to create an XMPlay DSP plugin system, if the demand is there - that means people wanting to actually create plugins, not only use them :)