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Windows Media Player skinning
« on: 20 Jul '13 - 20:47 »
Have you ever wondered how to make a skin for WMP. Well good news wmz files are zip skins. Sound familiar, well it should because XMPlay supports zip-skins only with the zip plugin. So go to "C:\Program Files\Windows Media Player\Skins" and copy the one file or more than one and paste it to your desktop or other location.
1. rename the extension to zip.
2. Open with the archiver of your choice.
3. Extract
4. Modify to your liking.
5. Enjoy

Have fun making your own WMP skin.

NOTE: wms files is like the skin's skinconfig.txt if it was for XMPlay.
WARNING: WMP skins are different than XMPlay so renaming the wmz's to 'xmpskin' wont get it to work with XMPlay. To get it to work with XMPlay you will have to port it.
I am only posting this so those who want to make a WMP skin like me. After all I might Port my Black III skin to WMP. If anyone would like that port when I am finished ask me. I will then (after that post) attach it to one of my posts that is on this topic.