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The tube.
« on: 16 Jan '06 - 06:54 »
What are people watching? Or downloading even (hey, the konsumerism-karma nazis can bite me  :P).

Right now I'm slightly obsessed with Battlestar Galactica. Has some damn tight storytelling with heaps of production quality and some amazing score work. If you haven't tried it before, it's now in the middle of its second season and you should not jump in - it's a constant continual story so you should start at the original miniseries and head through the first season. It's worth every second of time and none of it will seem wasted.

Also, I'm halfway loyally watching Lost. It's starting to lose me a little mainly because it's starting to exhibit the same signs of failed storytelling that Alias showed by its third season: an inability to pay off setups, resolve story arcs and execute satisfying solutions to mysteries. Although the last one did take a mighty big leap in adding to the scope of the overall mystery - one I found extremely cool and interesting, even if the visual effect was a little simple.

Beyond that... cant bring myself to watch much. I'm patiently waiting for new Deadwood to happen (unless it's been canned, in which case I've missed the news) and might try out Hustle. People keep telling me it's right up my alley.


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Re: The tube.
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I regularly watch a lot of shows (10-12?), to kill time. Thing is, everything sucks badly except The Shield. That's a good one. First season is slow and not so good though. Keep that in mind if you're going to start watching it.

I guess Battlestar Galactica actually doesn't suck for being sci fi (as opposed to every sci fi series ever, except parts of Babylon 5 I suppose)... but I wouldn't mind not being able to see the conclusion if it would come to that. You probably shouldn't have said the "original" miniseries... Might be misconstrued considering the whole, you know, 1975 Battlestar Galactica series...

Lost might be the stupidest show in existence. Or ever. Every character needs to die soon (UNLESS THEY'RE ALREADY DEAD OMG THE WRITERS ARE THE BEST EVER!!!!!!!!); they're that stupid/awful/annoying.

Deadwood will start again in March. It's been postponed due to the addition of some really stupid show.

[Edit] Oh yeah, I like The Colbert Report and The Daily Show too.  And I liked Arrested Development, but it's cancelled.

I also watch Alias because it's gone so much past crappiness that it's become hilarious. But still unintentionally hilarious.
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Re: The tube.
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Tsoro... I must take offense to your comment about Lost. A personal friend of mine is a regular on the show. ;)

As for BG... yeah. It's the best sci-fi show since B5.


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Re: The tube.
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Well, last time I checked, the actors didn't write their parts, heh... so your friend is safe.

For now.


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Re: The tube.
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How could I forget Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law? I like.
Can't for the love of kittens understand what's remotely funny with Aqua Teen Hunger Force though.

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