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Crash on BASS_ChannelStop
« on: 14 Apr '21 - 18:34 »
Happens with release bass and also with "stuff" version. Call stack and debug output from bass

Code: [Select]
:77ecd633 ;
:77e7aba6 ;
:77ecf81e ;
:77e33be6 ntdll.RtlGetCurrentServiceSessionId + 0xf6
:77e7778d ;
:77e33ab6 ntdll.RtlFreeHeap + 0x46
:76e57379 + 0x69
:625310df ; bass.dll
:6254f153 ; bass.dll
:62550dfa ; bass.dll
:62550f17 ; bass.dll
:62556b91 bass.BASS_ChannelStop + 0xb

Debug Output:
Heap block at 0D9509F0 modified at 0D9AE5F8 past requested size of 5dc00

64 bit version
Code: [Select]
:00007FFD60A6A053 ; <UNKNOWN>
:00007FFD60A666DF ; <UNKNOWN>
:00007FFD60A2CB82 ; <UNKNOWN>
:00007FFD60A68F01 ; <UNKNOWN>
:00007FFD60995CC1 ; <UNKNOWN>
:00007FFD60995B74 ; <UNKNOWN>
:00007FFD609947B1 ; <UNKNOWN>
:00007FFD5EE59C9C ; C:\WINDOWS\System32\msvcrt.dll
:00007FFD2804109F ; bass.dll
:00007FFD2806600A ; bass.dll
:00007FFD28068006 ; bass.dll
:00007FFD2806EC0F ; bass.dll
:00007FFD2806EC39 ; bass.dll

Debug Output:
Heap block at 000000000E5221A0 modified at 000000000E57FDB0 past requested size of 5dc00

What could this be? The channel is created using BASS_Record Start:
Code: [Select]
BASS_RecordStart(samplerate, chans, BASS_SAMPLE_FLOAT, @DSProc32, @FData);

Ian @ un4seen

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Re: Crash on BASS_ChannelStop
« Reply #1 on: 15 Apr '21 - 17:35 »
Please first check if you can reproduce the crash when pressing the "Stop" button in the pre-compiled RECTEST.EXE example from the BASS package (C\BIN folder). If that works fine, do you have any DSP/FX/encoders set on the recording in your case? If you do, does removing them prevent the crash?

If the problem persists, for more info, please generate and upload a dump file from the crash. You can generate a dump file using the ProcDump tool. For example, run "procdump -e -ma -x . yourapp.exe". Then ZIP and upload the generated dump file to have a look at here:

Please use the latest BASS.DLL build when doing that:


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Re: Crash on BASS_ChannelStop
« Reply #2 on: 16 Apr '21 - 08:22 »
Thank you. I seem to no longer able to reproduce it after the reboot. In case this happens again, I will create dump files.