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32-bit floating point Request
« on: 3 Jul '03 - 07:43 »
Ian, instead of having to use the 32-bits flag when creating each channel, why not make a BASS_DEVICE_32BITS. Just like the BASS_DEVICE_8BITS flag? I think this would be better, what do you think? Make a poll for it?

Ian @ un4seen

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Re: 32-bit floating point Request
« Reply #1 on: 3 Jul '03 - 14:11 »
The format specified with BASS_Init only affects the output format with old (VxD) drivers. With WDM drivers, it has no effect on the output format - that's automatically set depending on the format of the channels you play... and since 32-bit floating-point is only available with WDM drivers, there's no real need for a "DEVICE" flag :)

I guess a flag like that could be a little labour-saving though (basically just adding the BASS_SAMPLE/MUSIC_FLOAT flag for you lazy people ;D), but it wouldn't really be like the "8BITS" flag.