Author Topic: Which ErrorCode list is right ?  (Read 481 times)


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Which ErrorCode list is right ?
« on: 26 Nov '22 - 14:36 »
Hi :)

I see differences between and modBass (bass.bas).
Should I follow the list from bass.bas ?

Thanks :)


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Re: Which ErrorCode list is right ?
« Reply #2 on: 26 Nov '22 - 16:24 »
I'd say that after verifying that you're using the latest update (or even better the latest beta version) you shoud report any non coincidences between the error list on different api defines (*.bas, *.h, etc.) files and between those and the help files (*.chm) and the online help so Ian can correct them.

I notice that there are differences between the 2.4.17 VB6 api (bass.bas) and the help (bass.chm) files.

I didn't verify the internal coherence of the help file (maybe some errors are listed on some functions' detailed help and not on the BASS_ErrorGetCode help and viceversa).

I'd say you should report these intenal incoherences too.

As for me, I'd trust the bass.h defines better because the bass.bas defines are probably translated from those.

If some of the defines are deprecated (because those errors aren't triggered anymore) it won't hurt to keep their definitions, anyway.

If BASS_ErrorGetCode reports a error number not defined in bass.bas I'd say report that too.

Ian @ un4seen

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Re: Which ErrorCode list is right ?
« Reply #3 on: 28 Nov '22 - 12:14 »
Oops, I see there are indeed a few error codes (BASS_ERROR_REINIT/PROTOCOL/DENIED) missing from the BASS_ErrorGetCode documentation. They have now been added, so please re-download for that.

The BASS.H header (or BASS.BAS for VB) is the definitive reference, but note that some add-ons (eg. BASSenc) have their own additional error codes, so you may need to check their headers too for those. Add-on error codes will always be defined as 1000 or above.


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Re: Which ErrorCode list is right ?
« Reply #4 on: 9 May '23 - 02:15 »
Hi friends :)

Oops ! Sorry to not replied, I thought I did but not.

Thanks for answers :)