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SoundCard suggest
« on: 11 Mar '15 - 08:51 »
hi all!
i'm planning of buy a new sound card, what kind of sound card should i get ?


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Re: SoundCard suggest
« Reply #1 on: 11 Mar '15 - 11:50 »
Maybe you should specifiy what it should actually do. You didn't specify any quality or feature constraints, so I'm going to suggest to just use onboard audio. ;D


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Re: SoundCard suggest
« Reply #2 on: 11 Mar '15 - 11:51 »
Get one where the (number of) inputs and outputs suit your purposes. I wouldn't go external solely for improved signal-to-noise-ratio, that's not an issue for quality internal cards either. An external audio interface's strengths are in portability, easier jack access and volume control at an arm's reach. The latter is of course true with an internal card paired with a set of active monitor speakers.

Departing from basic multichannel integrated audio and going prosumer and up, rather than looking at DACs, numbers and technical specifications (other than an optimally flat frequency response) and trusting they're good enough at that level for sub-golden ears, I would emphasize the OS driver quality and maturity. Get the user experience testimonials on whether the card performs reliably or is it unstable, which could mean audio glitches, problems propagating to the OS (errors, crashes) or that it simply shuts up and makes the user jump through hoops to get some sound out of it again.


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Re: SoundCard suggest
« Reply #3 on: 12 Mar '15 - 03:13 »
i just have a amplifier + 1 2.0 speakers, wanna have better sound quality + test bass features  ;D


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Re: SoundCard suggest
« Reply #4 on: 13 Aug '20 - 17:17 »
Hi guys, even though this topic is really old, I wanted to give my input as a quick update from 2020 for anybody who would still be interested in this nowadays.
Well, I heard that the ASUS Sound Card Essence STX II is an excellent choice in 2020.
Apparently, it is very performant in terms of signal-to-noise ratio and the 7.1-channel card is really good. Plus, it has optical amplification connectors so that everyone can adjust it according to their sound preferences, which is pretty cool for the kind of people in this forum.
Only negative point: it's really quite expensive (more than 250 dollars on Amazon).
So it's a purchase that needs to be carefully considered but if it's the sound that matters to you, I think it's a worthwhile purchase. That's it for me, give me your opinion guys. Have a good day again!