Author Topic: Feature request: Option to mark a response as the solution  (Read 1215 times)


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Dear Forum Developer,

I would like the possibility to mark a response as 'The Solution' to a problem thread.
So visitors with the same problem can lookup the solution easier rather then look through all pages of a thread.

This feature will also solve the problem of visitors trying to use 'untested' problem solving responses after the solution was found.

Ian @ un4seen

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That's a nice idea. I don't think that feature is part of the forum software as standard but perhaps there's an add-on for it. I'll look into it.


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Indeed, this would be a great add-on since I have found myself having to read through many pages of the forum just to make sure that my question wasn't already been answered to.

Besides working towards more clarity, it would support a better structure of the forum and less time would be spent by people having to repeat the same things.

I also think that I saw this feature on other know forums even if I think they were about more general topics but nevertheless great suggestion  ;) !


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I saw this feature in other forums. Its really great since you can easily find the solution without reading the whole thread or have to try different options.
Maybe its easier if you give the option to the one who started the thread as an add one