Author Topic: What is EVENT_MIDI_SPEED maximum value?  (Read 150 times)


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What is EVENT_MIDI_SPEED maximum value?
« on: 23 Nov '21 - 13:43 »
From the documentation I understand that a value of 10000 means use the original speed, and 100 means 1% of the original speed (and that's the minimum value), and 20000 means double the original speed (200%).

But is 20000 also the maximum allowed value? Or can we use, for example, 30000 to go at three times the original speed?

What is the actual maximum allowed value?


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Re: What is EVENT_MIDI_SPEED maximum value?
« Reply #1 on: 23 Nov '21 - 15:46 »
There is no fixed limit, so you can go pretty much as high as you like. Although the EVENT_MIDI_SPEED event is still supported, note there is now (since BASSMIDI 2.4.13) a BASS_ATTRIB_MIDI_SPEED attribute that allows finer control due to it having a floating-point value.