Author Topic: Get Volume Level of the channel fed from WASAPI Loopback  (Read 103 times)


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I want:
 - using bass lib get real-time volume levels of the WASAPI loopback.

So i implemented the solution that feeds WASAPI loopback to the BASS stream,
based on
Code: [Select] applied changes to have real-time volume levels, since i don't need
saving stream data, but not getting levels of the  channel/stream.

I know that BASS_ChannelGetLevel need channel be active/play state, but
can't figure it out, since i just need volume levels only, no sound is required.

Appreciate suggestions.


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 - getting volume from the WASAPI.

Ian @ un4seen

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BASS supports loopback recording itself, so you probably don't really need the BASSWASAPI add-on for this. You can use BASS_RecordStart and have your RECORDPROC callback function simply "return true" if you don't need the captured data, while using BASS_ChannelGetLevel(Ex) to get the level.


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Great suggestion,
will try.
Thank you.