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Keltic Danor

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Oops, fixed up now. :)


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- Fallback if javascript's disabled is to show no images
- Seconding Ian's note about the thumbnails jumping around depending on big image height (sometimes off the screen)
- Mouse wheel scrolls page up and down (standard design) until it's over an image, then behaviour changes. Unsure of that.
- Swipe motions for flicking between images? Good for viewing on a mobile device, but I'd imagine the skins are mostly for a desktop program. As mentioned above, next/prev overlay arrows would fit desktop design better

At least the JS for showing the pictures seems somewhat lean. I am (unfortunately) kinda already used to seeing pages "upgrade" using couple megs of minified JS which does everything including mowing the lawn to just show an image :P


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And everyone knows that mowing the lawn is reserved to xmp-lawnmower ;)


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Finally someone make it happen, deleting file while listening same file, so it`s play from memory and deleting files solved at same time  ;)
P.S. Add VST plugins :)
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