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tips & tricks
« on: 8 Apr '03 - 18:05 »
Hi. When XMPlay is minimized to the tray and you play/pause, restart or change track from the right-click menu, you can open the info window with F1-F5 (with XMPlay still being minimized)! So, if XMPlay was minimized from the mini mode, you can have the extended playilst open always-on-top with no main window visible! Now, that's interesting. (Unfortunately visualtisations and pattern display don't work.)

Maybe it's worth to add an option to the right-click menu to have the info window opened without this... cheat mode? ;D


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Re: tips & tricks
« Reply #1 on: 8 Apr '03 - 18:22 »
Interesting "feature"! 8)


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Re: tips & tricks
« Reply #2 on: 9 Apr '03 - 21:38 »
It's in the latest beta that I've got. Ian, you need to add code to the message handler to check for mini mode when the function keys are used. Either that or make this easter egg work properly (with visulisations working).

Thinking about this, I wonder if there is a hidden "easter egg" somewhere...