Author Topic: Is it a bug in xmplay 2.8?  (Read 5475 times)


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Is it a bug in xmplay 2.8?
« on: 1 Aug '03 - 07:21 »
When I use left panel in default skin and press on "Output Options" button - nothing happens! AFAIK it was used to change mode of that left pannel (output, plug-ins, integration...). Is it a bug or what?


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Re: Is it a bug in xmplay 2.8?
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Yup. It's a bug. Ian's taking a break in Bangkok while a genetically altered team of six mechaneurologically linked meerkats takes on the task of the 2.8 update. They're pretty good at what they do, but not really up to Ian's standards. For the experiment, he dodged the animal rights activist bullet and was featured in American Science & Racquetball magazine. Which is funny seeing as how he's not even American or plays racquetball! You can read excerpts from the issue here:

and here:

[PS: Yes, that was a joke. It's not a bug. Read that thread and also look at the update information. Thanks! Welcome to the forum!]
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Re: Is it a bug in xmplay 2.8?
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Nice one :laugh:!