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Using SMTC
« on: 27 Jul '23 - 17:47 »
Is there any way to use Windows 10's SMTC in Xmplay? I don't see the option and I couldn't find any plugin that could do it, but maybe I'm just blind.

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Re: Using SMTC
« Reply #1 on: 28 Jul '23 - 15:01 »
XMPlay doesn't currently include support for that stuff, and I'm not aware of a plugin that adds it.

In case it helps, the latest build does add taskbar playback control buttons:

Media keys can also be used to control XMPlay playback, but only when it's in focus by default. You can enable them when out of focus too by ticking the "Global" box for them in the Shortcuts options page.


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Re: Using SMTC
« Reply #2 on: 29 Jul '23 - 13:06 »
It looks like I can replicate SMTC changing those control buttons to the Media Control buttons of my keyboard and changing them to global as you said. Even though it doesn't appear anywhere I'm doing it, so I'm controlling it blindly, but it's better than nothing. And in theory there could be conflicts if I have apps that do support SMTC and xmplay opened at the same time (because they will both respond to my inputs), but I will just be cautious with that. Thank you for the help.


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Re: Using SMTC
« Reply #3 on: 30 Jul '23 - 18:45 »
I started working on a plugin for minimal SMTC integration in particular to get media keys working on the Windows lock screen. It was never finished though. Just in case it would be useful for anyone, I will attach the sources of what I came up with back then. Completely non-functional at this point in time, though.