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Welcome to the Galactic Gazette, the official information source of Astral Soup Design. Formerly known as Bahamondes & Furan from 2013 to 2016, we still have our vision of creating skins that look awesomium!
Here is the list of our announcements and/or releases ever made.

What's our former philosophy when we were B&F

To provide users with the latest skins for the XMPlay Support page, based on contemporary designs and interface reconstructions.

We like it vintage. Do you?
We love pastel colors. What about you?
We enjoy what we do. What's new did you do?

What does it mean?

First: Our focus is on Vintage themes.
Second: No More Black colors, the spectral colorscheme is our friend.
Third... and the most important...

If you like our faces, keep on using it.
If not, modify it and upload your mods to

You are BLESSED! No need to ask us for authorization.

The Astral Soup Developers' Frontier (a.k.a. ASDF) is the starting point for the newest projects for XMPlay. You can visit ASDF clicking here.

Our vision: to express childish concepts in the XMPlay skinning scene using materials other than CGI, exploring digital ink as scanning of original masterpieces.

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Forum thread update
« Reply #1 on: 12 Jan '16 - 00:55 »
January 11th, 2016.

We are introducing our third generation logo, three years after we started creating with Ian Luck.
Releases were not frequent as we intended to do, but at least there are heartbeats every year.
With our slogan "I want it vintage" we make more focus to the reconstruction of old interfaces for the modern world.

Greetings to all the XMPlay Forum users. Have a great year 2016.
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"Sonique" port published.
« Reply #2 on: 21 Apr '16 - 22:42 »
April 21th, 2016.

In loving memory of our ex-president of Chile, Mr. Patricio Aylwin.

We have so good so good so good news!
We have released a port of the Default Sonique Media Player and it should be ready in the next days at
This release is dedicated to all the former Sonique Staff. Hope you like it. Remember that nightlies of this skin can be found at the XMPlay main forum thread.
Because only having SVP support is not enough, "We want it vintage".
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Bugs in "Sonique Default Skin". Skuld to the rescue!
« Reply #3 on: 16 May '16 - 15:01 »
May 16th, 2016.

"rst", an important member of the XMPlay Forums, has informed us the existence of a bug in the "Sonique Default Skin" affecting Windows-based environments without the Franklin Gothic Demi font file. The problem mainly affects Windows XP and ReactOS users.

The problem has been fixed and marked as Service Release 1, but it will not be published yet until the new Info Window style gets finished. Stay tuned, and check regularly the XMPlay Support site.

Regarding "chopsuey:xmplay", also known as "Soiload", will come soon. For the same, stay tuned. 

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"Soiload" released.
« Reply #4 on: 21 May '16 - 10:17 »
May 21th, 2016.

We have sent our new skin to the Skin Catalog: Soiload.

Soft colors, big buttons, XP'ish styles, an original creation. Designed to work good with xmp-coverart.
This is a skin for my friend, Abrahaam Marroquín, whose life tunes are always "System of a Down".
What are you waiting for? Wake Up! Grab some MP3's and enjoy Soiload! ;)

A nightly version (along with our preferred bundle of plugins) is located at
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Re: "Bahamondes & Furan" Official News Thread
« Reply #5 on: 24 May '16 - 13:33 »
May 21th, 2016.

We have sent our new skin to the Skin Catalog: Soiload.

Soft colors, big buttons, XP'ish styles, an original creation. Designed to work good with xmp-coverart.

Very nice :)


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Re: "Bahamondes & Furan" Official News Thread
« Reply #6 on: 24 May '16 - 18:52 »
Very nice indeed! I'll be using this one for a while.

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Small update for "Sonique".
« Reply #7 on: 25 May '16 - 16:33 »
May 25th, 2016.

With the addition of the new info text wrapping feature in XMPlay 3.8.2 Stuff 9, we have updated the Sonique skin to make use of this new cosmetic change. Now it will look more like Sonique Media Player.
Stable users will not be available to see this new change yet, but if you are in the "Stuff" channel, you will notice immediately when you download our new update of the Sonique skin.
Because only having SVP support is not enough, "We want it vintage".

(Dotpitch, Ian and everyone else... despite we do not answer your comments in the news thread, we are glad to read how happy are with our work. A big thank you and a cyberhug from Chile :) ).

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Recalls, Delicious GUI's and NeverStop like XMPlay 4.0
« Reply #8 on: 26 May '16 - 18:01 »
May 26th, 2016.

Another post. So quick, isn't it?

We didn't notice how many skins B&F have developed since 2013... it is a lot of them. And everything began with the XMPlay Skin Contest. Since then, we have produced 4 original productions and 7 ports. Although those figures should be balanced, we promise it will be.

Massive updates to b&f releases

In the next coming months, massive updates will be made to our skins, with the aim to improve the user experience and/or to add missing features. Specially, Sonique... that skin gives some headaches sometimes  ;D

DeliPlayer project

Let me tell that "DeliPlayer" (Codenamed 'Phantom Player') has gone into incubation. That does mean its development has begun, but it will be passive. Coming soon, expect the backstages ;).

NeverStop more like 4 (or 5?)

There is a skin that is still burning my eyes because I, Nicolas, feel is not polished at all: NeverStop. Since its presentation for the Skin Contest in 2013 it hasn't received any changes. The promise of more colors wasn't accomplised, too. The source files will be unwrapped again, because the panels will receive a complete overhaul, worth being the default 4.x interface (or 5.x? Remember Justin Frankel's Winamp equation ;) ).

Well, that's all for now. No more thread elevations for a time.
As usual we hear you @ B&F.

Retro. Soft. Yours. "I want it vintage".

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Going further XMPlay: MPC-HC
« Reply #9 on: 4 Jun '16 - 02:40 »
June 3rd, 2016.

Believe it or not, we wanted to dare making a little mod to MPC-HC because its look is appalling. We adapted the graphic sources of "Covalent", with a more greyish palette. The files were sent to the MPC-HC team. Just waiting for the approval.

Media Player Classic Homecinema is not our first Non-XMPlay skinning job, though. The first one was 7zip, but the Theme Manager authors have thrown the towel long time ago. So sad :(

If you want to mod your MPC-HC with our toolbar, download it here.
(Login to your Un4Seen Forum account if you want to see a download link below).

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Bahamondes & Furan is sunsetting.
« Reply #10 on: 1 Nov '16 - 03:28 »
November 1st, 2016.

Dropbox f**k'd our precious graphics. Too sad! :( I don't know when we will migrate images to DeviantArt. Hope soon--hey! Forgot to mention something to you, dear follower.

Bahamondes & Furan is sunsetting soon. Have to go to wash our faces and have a trip to Saturn whilst eating a delicious Maruchan. Two carefree girls will be watching our releases in the meantime. Hope Saturn be a great planet. Weee!

That's it. It's been three years of Bahamondes & Furan. From NeverStop to Soiload. Thanks for choosing us during these years. Now it's time that somebody else gets in charge, somebody who loves blueberries, charcoal and mystique startup sounds.

By the way, is anybody fan of foxgals?

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November 10th, 2016.

We wanted it vintage, but those days are gone. An old phase has been closed in XMPlay, and a new one is about to come.

From now, Bahamondes & Furan is now Astral Soup Design... but better call it Astral Soup. \(^u^)/

In the next months, there will be no activity. University is being hard with me. Instead, more information is about to come in February 2017! Stay tuned.

We are needing HiDPI users which can help us in our new release for XMPlay. You need to have an HiDPI (Full HD or 4K display) to be able to participate. Check the XMPlay discussion subsection of the forum.

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FoxionHD goes Preview 1!
« Reply #12 on: 15 Nov '16 - 00:48 »
November 14th, 2016.

The first preview version of FoxionHD has been uploaded to DeviantArt. You can download our latest versions of FOXION and check its evolution over time before publishing into the XMPlay Support Site.
11MB were compressed into a 1MB! ZIP file. Wow! Awesomium!

Respect to the older B&F pending projects, they may be in development's doom. Source files are still available by request, by the way. Maybe you have noticed every B&F skin has been already author-changed in the Support Site.

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Midnight City Project
« Reply #13 on: 16 Nov '16 - 16:43 »
November 16th, 2016

In an effort to increase the presence of the Astral Soup signature, I am studying the factibility to began porting some of the former B&F skins to the Winamp Modern Platform. This non-confirmed move may have its first results soon.

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Learnt [img width=x]
« Reply #14 on: 18 Dec '16 - 16:26 »
December 18th, 2016

Still alive and kicking. I fixed some pics in the forums (e.g. signature, previews, additionals, etc.) to make them not showing too much big.

By the way, ASDF and main profile pages were updated in DeviantArt. Go take a look at them.

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New profile name!
« Reply #15 on: 27 Dec '16 - 23:43 »
December 27th, 2016

Yay! The last post ever of 2016! Next articles will be in the brand-new Year 2017! Woo-hoo!

7 years after having the non-representative username "FujitelLover" (Yup, I used to love Fujitel MP3 players, even if I knew were trash), I finally got as the new landing page.

Thanks to Yueyuetan for the CORE membership that let this nameswitch be possible.

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FoxionHD is coming soon!
« Reply #16 on: 30 Oct '18 - 00:58 »
October 29th, 2018

AstralSoup was really really silent these years, but this post is a proof that we are still alive and kicking.

After two years in development hell, FoxionHD is near completion. At the moment, there are minimal bugs which should be solved personally with the guidance of Ian before release.

Be warned that FoxionHD is a huge skin, VGA monitors be warned. Really. Development of Foxion was under clumsy conditions (1366x768 was not enough). I don't know if a downscaled version will be published too. Everything depends on the interest.

Well, big hugs from Chile.

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FoxionHD Public Beta 1 is here.
« Reply #17 on: 3 Feb '19 - 00:15 »
February 2nd, 2019

FoxionHD has been sent as a Public Beta 1 skin, pending for approval. In the meantime, here you have a download link at WeTransfer. The file is temporarily located at

Please note there is indeed a Readme file in the skin, but due to Unicode handling, XMPlay shows up a letter "r" in the file when opening. As a workaround, I uploaded the contents of the readme here.

Code: [Select]
│ foxionᴴᴰ │ ᵝᵉᵗᵅ                                       *astralsoup

Kids never grow, even if they still say
they have to move on to better things.

Introducing foxionᴴᴰ, a tribute for the very first Astral Soup.

A sincere note for Lauren and Britty,
Never stop the inner child in your hearts.

This is the beginning of something new at Astral Soup. We will keep
the same professional level as in  Bahamondes & Furan,  under a new
vision and with the commitment to unleash your inner child with our
adorable designs, new  color palettes and several magic tricks that
will make you say "Wow!". We hope your preference in our new stage.

Dream again. Because with Astral Soup, everything is possible.

│ Prerelease notes │                                              1

This is the HD version of the FOXION: Forever Young Edition skin.
Unless you  have a 2K or 4K display,  you may experiment problems
using an XMPlay executable inferior to regarding to how
the skin repositions during Full/Mini Mode switching routines.
You also may suffer black scrollers using an inferior version than

The following features are still broken in the skin:

- Volume control mask must be reworked.
- Advanced buttons for MOD playback are missing.
- Info Window resizeability is problematic.
- Certain areas of Foxion's eye show small white borders.

Please use the DeviantArt or the XMPlay forums for feedback.
Thank you! (^u^)7

│ Secrets │                                                       2

• Foxion's collar will tell you how much of the song is left.

• If you go to Mini Mode, you'll able to see the original Foxion
  skin created by Lauren & Britty back in 2001.

• Auto-resizing of the Info Window was hidden in the Information
  title, in the last O.

• This readme is in Unicode format, hence the new boxes.

• This skin was started back in 2016. It was in development hell
  for two long years.

Be ready for more secrets. Expect us! \(>w<)/

│ More Info │                                                     3

Hey, kids! We at AstralSoup hear you. Do you have a design you wish
to be real in XMPlay?  Send us a draft of your dream and we'll make
it come true.  No matter if you are 8  or 80 years old.  We want to
make your inner child be happy.

Do you have skinning skills?  Do you want to join to my cause?  Are
you a fan of awesomium things? Send me a message and I will contact
you as soon as possible.


════════════════╣ *astralsoup | Dream again. ╠═════════════════════
 This work (CC) 2016-2019 AstralSoup Design. Some Rights Reserved.
   Original work (C) 2001-2019 Lauren & Britty/AstralSoup 2000.

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FoxionHD Public Beta 1 is officially published!
« Reply #18 on: 6 Feb '19 - 13:46 »
February 6th, 2019

After several ping-pong bug squashing (thanks for your help Ian ;)), FoxionHD Public Beta 1 is now published in the XMPlay Support Site. Isn't it a huge skin? This is AstralSoup's biggest skin built ever, with an eye animation sequence weighting 25MB uncompressed!

Suggestions are welcome, there are little things to polish before reaching a final version. In the meantime, enjoy this release. :)

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It's been a great trip!
« Reply #19 on: 9 Nov '19 - 01:25 »
November 8th, 2019

I can't believe how time goes by.

AstralSoup Design had begun a long time ago as an experimental proposal with a college friend, Kitsune Furan, in search of usability and good-looking skin developments under the XMPlay platform back in 2013. Several years later, we both splitted our paths and I was the only one who worked with skins here.

Named after two teen FOXION skin designers in the MacOS days, AstralSoup Design was the name I chose to unify our releases. The idea was refocusing design towards childish features. I wanted to bring beautiful skins for music lovers, yet in a world that has forgotten the art of skinning in favor of modern consistent designs.

I miss those old days, but I know time can't go back, and we have to move forward with technology advancements. I lost the interest because of that. I thought this for several months, I also have new plans in my life. It's time to farewell this 6-year-old project and thank those users who chose an AstralSoup skin ever. I am aware of the incomplete status of FOXION and the Stuff Updater utility, sincerely I have no inspiration to keep on developing those ones. Nevertheless, you can ask me for the source files if you want to continue with them.

I take this opportunity to thank Ian Luck for his dedication when I had one silly question after another regarding his skinning engine, he also incorporated several features to XMPlay to fit my crazy ideas, such as the volume level huds between the music time indicators (I always remember that). I also want to thank Yanek, Raina and "r" for their valuable feedback.

It's been a great trip, guys. Now it's time to begin another new. I will miss the XMPlay skin development nights.


Nicolas W. Bahamondes
AstralSoup Design

Ian @ un4seen

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Thanks for all the skins, and good luck in your new ventures :)


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6 years is a long time while working on anything, especially on software projects.

I don't use any of your skins, but appreciate the time you spent working on XMPlay skins!  Are you working on any other projects at the moment?  Best of luck!

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Website Revamped! (sort of)
« Reply #22 on: 2 Jun '20 - 18:40 »
June 2nd, 2020

With all the good old magic of HTML4 and a pinch of Expression, the AstralSoup Design website has been redesigned. Mobile devices are still looking bad. I don't know how to fix the viewports, neither how to make responsive design sites. There are some images that are giving me problems, so I have to fix them as soon as possible.

Regarding the question of XMPlay User: r, there are no skinning projects in the short or middle term. A few weeks ago I launched a kit to skin the PSP executable of Policenauts. As I can't distribute compiled files for copyright reasons, this was the best way to deliver such skin for the world.

Preambles aside, here is the website. Greetings and big hugs for the community!