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BASSMIDI errors.
« on: 28 Apr '11 - 01:25 »
I've spotted a major one i think.

Try to playback this midi file

It's supposed to do filter stuff to the bass line. It works fine on an awe32.  doesn't seem to work.

reference on proper NRPN for awe32

this midi file follows it properly, and does work on real hardware.

EDIT: okay, seems bassmidi tries to support GS NRPN and XG RPN. but not  AWE32 NRPN. the faq I linked provides excellent docs on awe32 nrpn for implementation.
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Re: BASSMIDI errors.
« Reply #1 on: 28 Apr '11 - 14:01 »
Yes, BASSMIDI supports GS/XG NRPN, but it doesn't currently support any AWE32 NRPN.

It looks like all of the AWE32 NRPN are to override the soundfont's settings and don't correspond to any events that are currently supported, eg. "Initial Filter Cutoff" can't be mapped to the existing MIDI_EVENT_CUTOFF event. So new events would be needed for them. Are there many AWE32 MIDI files around to make that worthwhile? :)


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Re: BASSMIDI errors.
« Reply #2 on: 28 Apr '11 - 16:16 »
Well, the one I mentioned is one of them.

After reading the docs, it does seem things work differently.

For the sound canvas, and XG devices, the filter controls work relative to the defaults, clipped by the maximum and minimum of the device, while they are absolutes on the AWE32. so yeah.

And i agree that there isn't much awe32 techno that doesn't just cheat and do it all in the soundfont, but if you want to make the most accurate awe32 clone is software, it needs doing. ;)