Author Topic: "Track Info" window doesn't update when track is changed...  (Read 722 times)


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Hi Guys,

This is a fairly minor issue:

When the "Track Info" system-window is open (via the GUI "Inf" button > then program-window "Info" pops up, showing the "General" tab > then right-click and select "Track info") and you jump to the next (or previous track), the contents of the "Info" program-window is updated with the relevant new track information, but the "Track info" system-window is NOT updated with the corresponding track info, but instead shows the information from the original track.

Hopefully this description makes sense?



Ian @ un4seen

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That is indeed how it currently works, and is as intended. A "Track info" window can be used to edit the track's info (eg. overriding tags), and you wouldn't want the window switching to another track while doing that. Multiple "Track info" windows can be open at a time, so you could right-click in the info window again to open another one for the new track in your case. Note you can also open a "Track info" window by right-clicking on playlist entry(s).