Author Topic: BASS_SPEAKER bugginess?  (Read 3331 times)


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BASS_SPEAKER bugginess?
« on: 15 Jun '03 - 23:15 »
My program uses two streams, one with BASS_SPEAKER_FRONT and one with BASS_SPEAKER_REAR speaker assignment flags. The second stream must be in sync so I use BASS_ChannelSetLink when I play/pause/unpause the first stream. When initially starting playing, it works ok. The problems appear when I've paused the channels and resume playing.

The BASS_SPEAKER flags then seem to be ignored and I can either hear either or both of the streams, or occasionally nothing at all. The streams aren't even in sync anymore, the other lags behind about 0-0.4 seconds. Pausing the first stream and then resuming randomly changes the channels I hear and the lag time between the streams. And I do link the channels before playing/pausing, as I said.

What's up with this behavior? Am I missing something or doing something wrong, or is it a bug? (Using a SB Live with speakers set to 4 speakers.) This is a DJ'ing application I'm doing so it's kind of important for this thing to work :o|

Ian @ un4seen

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Re: BASS_SPEAKER bugginess?
« Reply #1 on: 16 Jun '03 - 13:23 »
It's been improved in 1.8a, but linked channels can drift slightly apart with each pause/resume (unfortunately it's unavoidable - how much it drifts depends on the drivers). If you need things to stay in sync, the best thing would be to re-sync the channels, using BASS_ChannelSetPosition, between pausing and resuming.

Regarding the sound not coming out of the correct speakers... I did a quick test (pause/resume a load of times) with an SBLive, and the problem never happened. Try (re)installing the latest drivers and DirectX.


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Re: BASS_SPEAKER bugginess?
« Reply #2 on: 16 Jun '03 - 18:39 »
I still can't get it to work properly. I upgraded from Direct-X 9 to 9a. It didn't help. Then I uninstalled Live drivers and tried Windows' own (refused to use speaker assignment flags), downgraded from the latest SB Live driver to an older one (didn't help either), reinstalled latest driver and still doesn't work. Oh yeah, and I'm using Windows 2000 SP3.

..ok, my W2K/SBLive using friend says it works fine on his PC. Guess it only malfunctions on my own machine. Thanks for the help Ian, as always.