Author Topic: Bass_Two Version of TBassPlayer?  (Read 4873 times)


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Bass_Two Version of TBassPlayer?
« on: 4 Aug '03 - 11:39 »
I use Delphi and I choice Silhwan Hyun's TBassPlayer because of its ablility to support lots of Winamp 2 input plug-ins. I also need to use several soundcards to play at the same time, but TBassPlayer can only deal with one instance of bass.dll at one time.
I am trying to replace the api that RT_Bass provided with Bass_Two. And I succeed when I deal with two bass's native support file(mp3,ogg etc.), but not so lucky when dealing with two file supported by winamp plugin. Is here someone who have successfully solved the problem ? Or give me some advice.
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Re: Bass_Two Version of TBassPlayer?
« Reply #1 on: 4 Aug '03 - 14:31 »
I`m using self the TBassPlayer together with Bass_Two..
yup there are probs with the PLugIn Interface....
Tell me please what exact not will work by you...
Greets Chris