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Possible Bug in buffering.
« on: 25 May '21 - 16:29 »
so i encountered a small issue, and
since i feel it could be a small bug
i will describe it:

 1. playing .mp3 from local hdd
 2. at some point drive gets 100% busy without data r/w
    [ i know this is possible issue with a drive, and i think
      this is issue with a sata port/cable; had this with other
      drive too]
 3. xmplay stops sound, and at this moment i press "pause", and
    after a moment i get short sound, and stops.
    [ drive is showing normal data r/w and activity, i assume
      xmplay buffered enough data]

 4. And my expectation that when i press "play/pause", i got
    playing, but no activity, no sound [ not freezed app], but
    if i do once "forward" and then "play", it plays.

This is not a big issue, and feels like really rare occurrence, but
i feel like it unexpected no-response from xmplay.
MPC-BE at the same situation but with video file continues play.


Hope this info help fix the bug[ if there is one], else

Ian @ un4seen

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Re: Possible Bug in buffering.
« Reply #1 on: 28 May '21 - 14:11 »
When you press play at step #4, is the play button in the "playing" state but the position isn't advancing, or is the position also advancing but you don't hear anything? To perhaps narrow it down, does the problem only happen when using the default output system, or also when using the DirectSound or WASAPI output plugins?


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Re: Possible Bug in buffering.
« Reply #2 on: 28 May '21 - 17:11 »
WASAPI using mostly,
and controling xmplay with keyboard on custom keys.

I didn't inspect the gui, so i'm not sure 100% [ next time will note
everything], but i think pos bar got blank, and button was
solid darker, not blinking, gui felt like a freezed state, until i
'forward' and 'play'.

It felt like pressing 'play' was ignored, but not 'forward', and then 'play'.
Assuming lock on play was engaged, but fail to release after buffer was filled.