Author Topic: BASS_ChannelSetSync deleted and then put back causes issues ?  (Read 492 times)


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Hello !

I have a code, than I cal multiple times in a multiple way, that launch a new chan with BASS_StreamCreateFile.

It works really great !
Almost always.

The only time where it has issues, is when this code, is called AFTER, I called BASS_ChannelRemoveSync for a proc, that say, is launch at 30 secondes, and then, set a new one, that is set at this exact same time with BASS_ChannelSetSync.

The exact same code is called in a multiple way, it's the only occurence that completely freeze the app.

It freezes on the next BASS_Mixer_StreamAddChannel call that I do, while the channel splitter's on which (channel, not splitter) I put, removed, and then put again the sync proc is set to play on the same mixer.

I don't understand the link, but, after all my trials, this is the only conclusion I was able to make here.

I'm using javascript to use the bass library, so, maybe there is something about the callback than I generate which can be somehow confused with the one deleted? I have no idea.

Thank you !

Ian @ un4seen

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Are you using BASS_ChannelLock at all? If so, does disabling that prevent the problem?

If the problem persists, please generate a dump file when your app is frozen. You can use the "Create dump file" option in Task Manager to do that. Then ZIP and upload it to have a look at here:

Please use these latest BASS.DLL and BASSMIX.DLL builds when doing that:


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Sorry for the delayed response, I was quite busy !

I did not even know the BASS_ChannelLock, I don't really see what use I could make of the functionnality.

I will try again and send the dump file to this ftp if this happen again, thank you !